Sunday, May 18, 2008

Brewery NYC Style

Yesterday was another leg of a Brewery Tour in the Northeast. I love beer and I love Microbrewed beer. I must say I was never fond of Brooklyn Brewery Beer, but my mind was changed yesterday when I went to the Brewery and went on the free "tour," and by tour I mean listening to a guy talk about beer, very disappointed about the fact that I DID NOT get to taste any of the beer for free, what is this???? I did have to pay $20 for 6 beers that I split with Jeremy. I recommend the Weiss and the Brooklyn Blast! The Brooklyn Blast was delicious and it was 8.5% alcohol really hoppy and delightful. While I was at the Brewery I was reminded of the bet between the Harpoon Brewery in Boston and the Brooklyn Brewery in NYC. The bet was that whosever team won the superbowl (Pats or the Giants) the losing team would have to put a tap of the winning teams in their brew pub. Here is the whole story so that it makes a little more sense. Anyway we all know the end of the story Giants won and so the Harpoon Brewery had a keg of the Brooklyn Lager. Well it was a really fun place, big beer hall lots of long tables, people playing cards (which led me to decide to always keep a deck of cards in my bag.)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

NYC...stupid buses

I love my job and all, and I love NYC don't get me wrong but the MTA (subways, buses, etc.) could be a little better. So my commute is long and I know it's long, it is about an hour and a half between walking, subways and buses. To be exact I take three different subways and one bus. The picture above is the distance between the subway in Brooklyn and my school. Usually there is a bus that I take to get there, but there has been a slight glitch (maybe) in the scheduling the last two days because I have arrived at the bus, and there has been no bus. There has been no bus and lots of people waiting, usually more people then could safely fit on one of these buses...they can fit it is just one of those things where if the bus was in an everyone would survive, sad but true. So anyway, I pay my $82 a month and take my subways and buses, but seriously I would like a nice bus waiting for me when I get to the subway station, it is a lot to ask but whatever. So my point, I have started to walk this mile to school, and its a quick walk (about 15 min) the sad part of my walk is that the bus usually shows up at the school just about the same time I do. It is kind of sad that I could either wait that time or do what I have been doing and walk. It's great though because I am getting that exercise I need.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Swimming in Maine in May

Spring in Maine can be a little difficult to explain. Sometimes it is the greatest time of the year, but most of the time, it is not. Spring usually consists of months of rain, and whatever remaining snow there might be, and because of the apparent heavy flow of snow this winter, there is still some left, but this never discourages me from jumping in a lake this time of year. I would rather do it on that great holiday Patriot's Day (not to be confused with Patriot Day a.k.a. Sept 11). Since only Maine and Massachusetts celebrates Patriot's Day, I didn't swim that day. This year I went on Saturday, May 3rd with some other crazies from Camp Mechuwana. It was suppose to be a big thing and others were going to jump in, but alas it wasn't. The water wasn't that bad, but it was pretty darn cold. We did take a short video of our "jump" into spring. Oh and I didn't mention that it was raining, not down pouring, just a light rain, but still enough to get you wet...although that didn't matter since I was wet already.