Monday, August 30, 2010

Keep your religion out of my politics

When I was a school boy I learned about government in school. I learned that we elected people to different positions in government and these people made the laws so that the everyone's life would be better. The laws were to help people live better lives, raise good children and grow up to be good adults who would elect more people and do it all over again. We were taught religion in church and taught about government in school. We NEVER EVER taught were TAUGHT about religion in school except that different people around the world practiced different religions. I remember in school that America was founded on principles of freedom of religion. You can practice whatever religion you want, but the government cannot force you to practice a religion and no one can force you to practice a religion. I am sure this has always been happening but the only thing that I have heard is how much of a nut-job these people are or how these people form cults and bring people in and brainwash them. Let think about this for a second, nut-jobs, cults, brainwash. Sound familiar? Sound like something I have heard over the years. Over those years I went to church, a catholic church, and from what I remember a pretty liberal one. I think one of my more religious great uncles said "oh yeah, that is one of those "progressive" catholic churches." When I was 10 I had no clue what that meant. I was taught to always remember the golden rule which I believe goes something like this "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." As far as I know that should apply in everyday situations and in politics alike. I mean seriously, if the big headed nut jobs on the TV and the political machine alike just follow the golden rule, I believe the world would be a better place. If people would just stop and THINK before they talk and blabber on about this that and the other thing then people would love each other. I really think that, and it may sound like a simple idea, a simple plan, a plan for world peace. I believe that in every Bible out there, in any written "word" there is something somewhere written down about treating each other as we would want to be treated. No matter what religion, no matter who is practicing what, don't tell people what to think, what to believe, tell people they are good, they are great and they deserve to be treated well. If we think about what is going on these days with the poor president, he is just trying to do his job. People seem to be making this difficult by trying to bring religion into the picture. Just because one president was very forward about his religion this DOES NOT mean every other president has to be. I mean come on, let the guy do his job, he is trying to be an inspiring leader and can't do his job if everyone else does not do their job. If we look at the Gettysburg address - "and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth" we need to stop and think. It seems that America would better be served by a few people for those few people, not the masses. Come on people, love one another, be good to each other, we are ALL created equal, no matter what, no matter who, now let's start acting that way!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Me a vegan? Realy?

So I went to the doctors and recommended to stop eating/devouring dairy products. What can I say, I love cheese, and butter...and ice cream. Like I have said in the past, I love food. I just love it pretty much no matter what it is I will eat it, except olives, like I have said before. So I have been a "vegaquariam" for about 6 months now and decided, well why not take the next step. I will stop eating the seafood, cheese, butter, eggs, and become...duh da duh...a VEGAN. Yup I said it, meat and potatoes sauteed in bacon bits with a side of mayo Andy became a Vegan. Which means no butter, no eggs, no sauteed in bacon bits and NO mayo...Veganaisse just doesn't cut it. Easy I thought, I love veggies, fruits, whole grains, I can do this. Piece of cake. Now I need to worry if I am eating enough calories, or getting the right nutrients I need. I also need to worry about what is for dinner. Gone are the "lets through some chicken or fish on the grill and eat it with rice or whatever. Now its what veggies can I grill with Tofu, Can I grill Tofu, what is Tempeh? do I have a suitable substitution for chicken? To all these questions I say YES I CAN/DO! Protein is easy now that I have discovered Lentils, Tofu, Garden Protein, Tempeh (cooked right,) and some other suitable proteins. I have found delicious vegan chocolate and have made dessert with it! Soy Yogurt instead of real yogurt, granola in the morning and lots of fresh fruit. Like I said I love food, it works for me, and I am good cook so win win. Jeremy can still have his meat, but I will keep my potatoes...sauteed in EVOO or water...