Friday, February 7, 2014

How do you make a friend as an adult?

How does one make a friend?
I feel like in the past I was told you would loose most of the people you were friends with in High School during college and then you loose those college friends after you graduate. So what happens when you didn't have many friends in high school and you commuted to college after spending a year at away at a different college? Then attend a grad program where you commute? Then take a job that is a work at home job? What if you live in an area that after four years is still foreign?  What then? How does an adult make friends?

Bars? no
Online? no
The Gym? no
Maybe join a social group or a church? tried a few times and was crushed each time.
Meet up groups? no

What if you don't want to meet friends? What if over the years you have spent time trying not to make friends for no reason?

What if as I get on with life I am starting to realize how my father felt. As a teenager I don't remember him having any friends.  He had one friend who happened to be our neighbor, but he passed away suddenly and my father was heart broken because he lost his friend.   Maybe he had sporadic friends who he saw every other year.  They went hunting and fishing together.  That is what I remember. I remember him coming home and watching TV and then falling asleep down stairs.  I don't remember him going out much.  Am I turning into him? I feel like I don't have those close friends who I can go hunting with (if I wanted) or fishing with.  How does a grownup man make friends?