Friday, April 25, 2008

Free Beer...IN BOSTON!

Today Jeremy and I decided to go on a little excursion in Boston, and you know it always seems you need to spend money to have fun. Well we decided against the spending loads of money to have fun so we did.

<----This first picture is the over head view of the Harpoon Brewery.

What a great experience. The one thing we liked about this place was the tasting! Since they are a smaller brewery they couldn't give a tour of the actually brewery and instead just skip to the tasting and they talk about the different beer and Liz (the woman giving the tasting tour) was really nice. I highly recommend this when you visit Boston...only if your over 21!

The second Brewery we went to was the Sam Adams Brewery---->

I must admit I was a little iffy about this place because I am not a big fan of the Sam Adams, but of course beer tastes better right at the source, so it was pretty good. This place actually gave an hour long tour and we ate some barley, it was pretty good. We also got to try some Coffee Stout which is a beer in their test kitchen and not in the market. We even got to keep the tasting glass from Sam Adams...but not Harpoon, that was 3 dollars. Overall I was pretty impressed with these two.

Two fun things to do in Boston! Check the website for times and everything.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Here is my "lazy" run of the day, but hey it's the Bronx, and it was 8pm when I went out. I am starting to enjoy running again. The best part I have found is people will cheer you on when you need it most. Twice during this short 20 min (if that) run I got cheered on. One was an older man who I was crossing and he said "KEEP GOIN BOY!" (in a happy way), and the other were these three little girls on there stoop who kept saying "Go, Go, Go, Go" and I could hear them as I passed by and I could hear them as I turned the corner.
It is so nice when strangers just do it, it makes me feel good about the world and it makes me just always want to pass it on!

Friday, April 18, 2008

So I started running...

Here is the route I took when I went running...awesome 3.2499 miles or so...didn't run it all but one day I will. I hope this will be my daily, or a few times a week...maybe twice a week to start!

It's a nice little run, one small hill, but I tackled that shit! Alright thats all for now, maybe that 5K will be coming up soon, and I will come in under 30 min. Well I have never been a fast runner, but I going to improve

My Blog, my piece of the internet

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to join the old tech revolution and figured a BLog would be a great way to start since I don't know HTML (Lame, I know right). Well this is also part of my plan to start making some positive changes in my life...and for people to make fun of me (I know who you are out there). Anyways, so I am starting to run ( walk/jog...any combination of the three) so this is kind of a place for me to do that for myself to so I don't have to write it down, I will post some of my animations when I do them too! Well thats all...let me know.