Monday, August 1, 2011

Summertime Co-Op

So it has been a while since I posted last and wanted to update about all the wonderful fresh and local veg that I have been using and getting. So we do get a CSA from Stone Garden Farms in Shelton and it has been A LOT better this year. I am so happy about the abundance of local veg that we have been getting, plus it has been a pretty good year for veg. Since May we have been getting MOSTLY greens - Asian Mix, various lettuces, Red Deer Tongue, and sometimes...seriously...Grass. You know getting fresh greens and making salads is always great, but a month in you get sick of it. We have also been getting a whole lot of Kale. This to me was a new veggie a few years ago and we didn't know what to do with it since I had never eaten it! So this year for the most part it was being used in Sautes with some Ham or Prosciutto, EVOO, and garlic. Last year we also made some Kale Chips in the oven. So since it has been HOT we haven't wanted to cook inside. So now I have started to juice it which is AWESOME! Especially with a mixture of apples and carrots.
Now the greens are starting to wain and we are starting to get the "meat" of the CSA. We have gotten the squashes, zucchini, and beans. Corn has started to come as well. I am waiting for the tomatoes to come and I am can NOT wait. Summer tomatoes are SO great and so great.
A great recipe that I tried with zucchini and squash is kind of a mixture of asian noodles and a slaw.
Zucchini Slaw:
One Zucchini (julienned)
One Squash (julienned)
Sesame oil
Peanut oil
Sesame Seeds
Red Pepper Flakes

I mixed everything together and let it set for a little bit. Really delish!

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