Thursday, October 7, 2010

Disorderly Eating in the world

For the past 10 years or so and maybe as long as I can remember there has been talks of eating disorders. What we should eat what we shouldn't eat, who should eat what, what is healthy, what is not healthy and so on. The other day I heard about a new treatment for people who suffer from Anorexia Nervosa on NPR, a family approach (wow what a concept, involving the family in helping.) I have always thought about eating disorders and disorderly eating because I have always fought with food. I LOVE FOOD, I love the tastes and I love cooking and I love seeing other people eat the food I cook. I have never been a picky eater (except olives...yuck) and yet day in a day out I am told don't eat this, don't eat that. I hear it from one set of people who eat this way and they feel great, I hear from another set of people who say eat this way and you'll feel great, well guess what, there is a REASON people have eating disorders in this world, it is from all of this back and forth about what is good and what is not. I can easily see how someone can look at a strawberry and be told NO it has too much sugar, BUT it is a healthy food that is grown in the ground and comes from nature nothing added. What are we telling people?? Or let's look at meat? Lean meats are healthy, they come from cows, (watch Food Inc, and read Omnivores Dilemma and you won't want to eat regular beef anymore) but yet they are pumped full of hormones and fed grains which are not a normal diet for them rendering their meat horrible for you. It's a toss up. Eggs are they good are they not? Good protein, chickens are treated know what they are chickens...I don't care how they are treated, if they were humans then we wouldn't eat their eggs. I just don't know anymore, for someone trying to lose weight like myself I am given LOTS of mixed messages, eat whole grains, DON'T eat WHOLE GRAINS, Eat meat, DON'T EAT MEAT, Eat fruit, eat SOME fruit, eat eggs, but not the whole thing, this has caused disorderly eating on my part and on the part of everyone I am around, always explaining what I am eating and what I am not eating. I feel bad, like I am inconveniencing them or that I am running around trying this fad or that or that it is just a "phase." For anyone out there who deals with me reading this...I swear it is not a fad or a phase, I am trying to find the diet that works for me, the diet that gets me to a weight that I feel comfortable in and that makes me feel good, and look good. I apparently was not blessed with the best genes in terms of metabolism, so you know what like many others out there have to WORK for a body that feels and looks good. So for now I am still on my quest to find the best combination of foods that work for me.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vegan who eats...meat?

I did it for 9 weeks, I held out that long, I have read the articles and heard people speak, but I hit my plateau, what next. Well I have decided if I want some muscle on these bones and not just body fat I am hitting the dark side. I am now officially as of 6pm Oct 3rd, 2010...eating meat. I am not going to be eating dairy because of the whole downstairs issues, and eggs I am still on the fence about. I have read and I have listened, I need some more protein and I am just not getting enough to build my muscles. Today I ate Salmon, it was good. I am really going to go back to the fish/seafood (how I was before). So now which ever one of my siblings said I was going back to "normal eating" you win!