Tuesday, June 16, 2009

training, pride, stuff

So here it is mid-June. I am happy it is June, but at the same time, June is making me angry. Summer is suppose to be warm, nice clear skies, and maybe night time showers only during the week and clear weekends (unless I am camping on vacation, than it should just be clear and dry the WHOLE time.) So I have been keeping busy training for this crazy half marathon and marathon wondering how I am going to do and what not. I have had some AWESOME training days lately but that seems to last for two weeks and then I have a bad training week WTF!?!? Also I have the schedule from NIKE+ that I follow but the saturday runs always get screwed up with Pride parades or moving (we are moving this weekend.) So I have been moving my long run to Monday, nothing wrong with it, but I would rather run a long run on a weekend when I don't have to take a good chunk out of my day just to run. Soon my long runs will take up more then 2 hours...when I get there...I guess I get there, but those days will be in September when I have more weekend time. I digress. I have start to love running again, and since I am losing weight, or fat maybe (down to 199.6!!) It has become easier for me to run, yah yah yah I know the deal the less you weigh the faster you go, but you know I am okay with me being a little bigger, I guess it is where my body wants to be, and I am a healthy individual, I eat good, I exercise, I am active in community activities...I am happy and healthy. So why does some person who is skinny and probably can spend hours and hours at the gym and lots of money of all the healthy food in the world tell me the size that I need to be? A friend of mine works at Banana Republic and is in the fashion industry (or use to be...not sure anymore) but she has the same rant, it is true, the world as we know it does not like fat, and they don't like anyone who is not the "ideal" the worst thing in the world is a fat doctor, or ever slightly overweight doctor (which for 5'8" apparently anything over 160 is overweight.) Seriously, I don't think I have been 160 since 7th grade...and I have never looked overweight. I think I would look funny if I weighed 160. I am aiming for 185 to start, and even that is overweight, I am apparently teetering on the obese edge. Yah sure, you look at me and say WOW THAT GUY IS WAY OBESE!! I really don't understand where this comes from. I mean I may not be long, lean and slightly muscular (the perfect man APPARENTLY,) but I am healthy damnit and until I drop dead, I am going to be healthy, no matter what so F U BMI chart...F, U!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

NYC Marathon??? ME?!?

So just because I wanted to run a marathon, I don't know if I really wanted to do it so soon, I was a little upset when I bought my membership to the NYRR (New York Road Runners) and saw that I would only qualify for the NY Marathon in 2 years and not next year if I ran all the qualifying races this year because I registered 2 weeks or so late. What a kind of silly rule. Put a qualification in the middle of the month instead of the end. So I decided to do the next sensible thing and enter the lottery which I did just to see if I would get accepted. Knowing that I would never get accepted because I have only run a Half Marathon, and am not the fastest runner (some races have those silly qualifying times like Boston,) I looked for alternative like raising money for kids or Lupus, or cancer, something like that, but again, they want you to raise $2500 and up. In this economy, I really don't think that is likely. So the other day I was checking my email and I got an email from Marathon mailer (thinking the worst of course,) thanks for trying but sorry try again...instead I got this letter:

Yup so you guessed it, I beat the lottery and now I am sure there is a line of pissed off marathoners who did not get in through the lottery. I am sure they will not be cheering me on (just kidding how do they know I got in through the lottery.) SO I am going to give it my all, and realize my newest goal of running a marathon before I turn 30. Amazing, I didn't think I would do it, but it happened I am going to run 26.2 miles...26.2 miles...26.2 miles...through all five boroughs and lots of bridges and some not so fun hills...wish me luck cause damnit I am going to need it. I also think maybe I will raise some money for something. Who knows.