Friday, May 29, 2009

It's been a while...Let's get reaquainted

Hi all my three followers and stragglers who come everyone once in a while to get those oh so precious updates from me, your friendly blogger. I really have not had much happening in the last month since I ran my first half marathon. I really think it gets you in this mindset of I can do this more often, and I want to do this more often, so I am. I signed up for a 5 miler in June and another Half in August. Great an August race is JUST THE BEST DAMN THING! 13 miles is hard enough by itself, but add in the scorching August head, lots of water for me. I might also add that I have added some new restrictions to my diet. Yay.

So because of this book, and some thinking to myself, I am no longer eat diary, eggs or caffeine, (and soon no meat) but I am not one to drink tons and tons of coffee anyways, just a cup now and then, and even then it would take me a while to drink that cup. Oh well, in 30 days we shall see how this is going to go. Apparently the book states that Cheese and Milk has this enzyme in it which is like Morphine so our bodies become addicted. Well in 30 days, we shall see. Also if you cut it, you will drop weight, which I could drop a good 20 or so pounds, again, we shall see, as of Tuesday I was at 207 so hopefully by the end of the summer 185? I think that is reasonable, as long as I keep up the running and the dieting, I think 185 will work great and be achievable. The other thing is running this fangled half marathon in about 2 hours...that may be a stretch but so far my long runs have been pretty good, my last 9 mile run was something like 1:27? so that would make at Half around 2:07 which would be AWESOME! I am aiming for under 2:30, but we shall see. Hope all is well out in cyber-land. By the way I highly recommend this book if you are looking to change the diet! There is one for girls too, called Skinny Bitch (can I say that on a blog...I think I have said worse)

Monday, May 4, 2009

half marathon and bloody nipples

Hi readers,
I thought I would recount my last few months of training for this freakin Half Marathon, which yes I set my mind to and completed. I must say I surprised how nice it was to run with a group of others who are not fast runners and who are doing this for other people not just themselves. While I always run by myself and the music coming out of my headphones into my head I always think about things and wish I had something I could write on or save these great ideas while I was running. The next run I will have some names on my shirt so people know I am not just doing this for myself, but also for some people who have passed away. My new found love of running/jogging and competing against myself has made me think more about training and going to the gym instead of just running. I think I will need to drag myself to the gym and use the membership I never use. I guess I need to do some weight training help out my muscles and stuff. I also need to find a cure for blisters and chafing. I must say one of the most unpleasant things in the world is chafing, bleeding nipples...OUCH! I mean yes I have had my nipples pierced a few times but this is a WHOLE NEW type of pain. I mean I didn't realize my nipples (only one actually) was bleeding when Jeremy said he saw one guy with blood streaming down the front of his shirt, so I looked and said "eeee, so THAT is what that pain was!" (seriously I say eeee, instead of EEEK) Now I need to wash that shirt. Also I signed up for the NYC half Marathon, may not be ready for a full marathon, but you never know, I could be next year, so my goal of running a marathon before I turn 30 is still on the back burner but there are still some marathons in Jan and Feb that I could run! We shall see!