Monday, February 23, 2009

A vacation to Florida...cliche or not it was nice weather...bad airports

So I am not one to bad mouth things...well maybe a little, but I DO NOT do it that often. I just want to start by saying if there is a large city that has a large international airport that is a major hub for a major airline, you would think they would update their airport to the increase in air traffic, or you think they would figure out a way to get out of the 66% on-time rate. As of right now, Newark Liberty International Airport and Continental Airlines are BOTH on my poop-list. The last three times I have flown anywhere around NYC (most getting back into NYC) my flight has been delayed or I have spent too much time (more then I would want to) on the tarmac. I must say this. Some of the smaller airlines are nicer then the older bigger ones. I have flew Airtran a few times now, and I have had nothing but good to say. Continental on the other hand has gotten my goat more then once. I realize airlines can not control the weather or air traffic, but let people know!!!!

Alright better note, went on vacation to Florida and I must say, I had fun. I know I recently went to Florida (see last blog entry) but this time I went for fun and not business. I got to go to the beach and see Gators, and other wildlife. So I will recap for you.

We arrived in Fort Lauderdale to almost 80 degree weather (its Feb and night time...impressed) and hopped in the car to drive to our destination of Miami Beach, we drove around looking for parking...there is none BTW in Miami Beach...finally finding parking in a garage...but the wrong one and they charged us $ 20 to park for about 15 min...REALLY?!?! We immediately changed into shorts and sandals and walked around the beach and what not. Ate a bite and then went to bed, in the tiniest hotel room I have seen, maybe about the size of my apartment bedroom, which if you small. Next day we went walk around, and ended up going on a Duck Tour, very fun and we go to learn more about Miami Beach, went in Biscayne Bay, and it was fun, then we went to the beach. Now if we had stayed in the are just a few more days we would have got to stay for Food Networks Food and Wine Festival, that would have been I will fast forward a bit.

After we are done with Miami Beach we head down RT 1 for our next leg in Vaca Key which is in the city of Marathon...mid-Keys. We ALMOST saw the sun set but some trees got in the way. Doesn't matter we saw it the next night. BEFORE we got to the keys we thought we would stop over in the Everglades, I must say it's a must see. 10 bucks and you get to see SO much wildlife, and 30+ miles of NOTHING...SWAMP really, but its neat. The alligators looked fake because they are lazy and smelly.
As I re-read this I do realize I sound like I am writing one of those "what I did on my summer vacation" posts, but as I will always say, not many people read this, and the few who do...don't care...or if they do they don't say anything, this isn't junior year english or Writing POO ON YOU! Also I know my grammar and such is bad but you know what I am not up for any awards, hence the name of the blog. BACK ON TRACK NOW!

SO saw the gators, pelicans, vultars, beautiful people, some fish and lots of Egrets and Herons. The things I DID NOT see, was Mantees, armadillos, or Pathers. Jeremy equated it with people going to Maine expecting to always see a Moose...Anyways.

We got tostand at the southernmost point in the continental US. It was neat, but not as neat as the Sunset we saw. That was one of the highlights of the trip, a really sunset, the first one I think I have ever seen go over the horizon over water...very pretty and well worth the drive. Next year we are going to drive down...cheaper and more reliable then the planes...gah.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Co-op Farm, disney, meeting co-workers, and running

While I wait for pictures to upload to my computer I thought I would blog about the last few weeks since you know there is a lot that happened and I have been saying "I need to blog about this," and never do. I procrastinate a little bit I suppose so the first I would say would be to talk about the co-op farm we became a part of. It's called Norwood Farm and I am so glad we joined, in Maine we were a part of the Willowpond farm and always got lots of great veggies. SO I decided to take some pictures of the veggies and whatnot that we got so here are the pictures:

They make me want to cook now, we even got a little thing of milk, 2 lbs of beef, and 2 dozen eggs. The funny looking root thing is celery root...delicious roasted with sweet potatoes!

So my life long dream...go to Disney World, and well I went since I was in the area for work, took and extra day to see family, and of course a day in Disney! I realize it takes longer to see disney in one day, but whatever I went and decided to go to Epcot...kinda wish I went to Magic Kingdom...but whatever. I did everything I wanted to at Epcot I went on some rides, I met mickey, and I got to eat a giant turkey leg...really giant...

Meeting Co-workers...

Here is a fun time, actually it was I must say I was kind of looking forward to it since I like to meet new people I thought it was cool. I have met a few of them and have met some of them on the phone but putting a real person with a name and such was great. These people are some of the most intelligent, hard working, nicest, and knowledgeable people. They love what they do and they do it good, with well very little complaints, yes every job has complaints but I think it is more with things that are out of our control unless we change it. I think mostly it was insurance companies which are always hard to handle, medicare and medicaid....grrr. OH well, I got to stay in Orlando for free, during a very nice week (I believe it was at least 70 degrees each day.) I got to FINALLY run outside after a few weeks. It was NICE! So I ran two days, drank some bad wine, ate tons of great food, met some great people and learned way too much. I love my job since I love learning confidential info...not gonna tell you what I learned. Well I guess this goes into the next part of my post...


So here is the maps of my was a little over 6 miles, fun times here is the map, I went around my old neighborhood and then there was the track...I found and outdoor track...a real outdoor track...glorious outdoor track, now I can actually go somewhere and go around in an ellipse when I run, sometimes...It's nice. I can go on the weekends, and if I want take the train to the end of the line, walk a little bit and bam...TRACK! very nice! SO I started running again since I have this half marathon coming up. Most likely...11:30 pace group, should be fine.