Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Diet/Excersise...week 9

So it has been a while since posting about how my Veganism and Exercise routine have changed my life so completely, not really but in a way it has. I must say first about 5 years or so ago I did Weight Watchers with a group of teachers I worked with and I did enjoy it. I pretty much ate what I wanted to and watched my points. The only thing after I lost my 10% and then maybe a few more pounds, I plateaued got frustrated and slowly gained that 25 pounds back, so I was hovering around 226 for the past few years, I took some off but it always came back. So this year when I went to see my doc she told me straight I needed to lose weight, I needed to get my cholesterol in check and I needed to become healthier, so I did. In about 6 weeks being Vegan I drop my cholesterol 100 totals points, dropped my triglycerides 100 points also and the best part I went from a moderate risk to a low risk in the heart disease field HUZZAH! Also since working out I have dropped about 23 pounds or so, I am currently at 203 which is the lowest I have been in well 4 years. While on weight watchers I was working out a little, running a little and just trying to get some daily exercise, nothing to vigorous. When I told me sister I had an easier time doing weight watchers she was like, well you are older and its harder to loose the weight since now I am at the gym 6 times a week (at least) for at least an hour each time. I am noticing a difference, but I guess I need to keep my patience. My other problem I have been having lately is the plateauing issue AGAIN! So I am doing to a program at the gym called the EDGE REVOLUTION. You compete for who looks the best after 8 weeks, you get a personal training session, a pilaties session and also nutrition coaching. My worry about nutrition coaching is that some people think being a Vegan is bad because you aren't getting enough protein and other nutrients from the meat, well, I am doing fine and my doc said I was doing fine on my diet with my numbers, just need to up my "healthy cholesterol." The program is pretty much all based on looks...awesome. At least we are broken into age groups and for the first time I have registered for something I am in the 30-39 group, yay. Well we shall see!