Sunday, November 23, 2008

What's 5 more kilometers...I said to myself...

Seriously, what is 5 more kilometers, or 6 as it ended up being. I went out to run 5k today because I haven't been out for a real run in a week, so I went out for a 5k and when I took a few extra turns to add maybe a mile or so, I ended up pretty far from my starting point, so I kept running...that's where endorphins come in. So I kept running, and crossed a bridge and then added some more turns...and more turns, and the woman on my Nike+ kept telling me I exceeded my goal, 1,2,3,4, at this point I was ready to finish, I mean this is almost 6.5 I had at least 1k left before I was home, so I cut through Parkchester, almost fell down some steps, almost got hit by a few cars (as I usually do) and hit my power song (Barracuda,) but then my power song ended...really...come on and so I kept running and ended up running a little over 11K which I was like a little shy of 7 miles...although this picture shows 7 miles...whatever.

Friday, November 21, 2008

running, know workin out...or trying too

So no pictures this time, although I know everyone who reads this...all three of you love my little screen shots from google maps and other various locales, but today I decided to do something different and figured since I am paying all this money for all these on-demand channels and knew I had an "exercise" channel (it's called Lifeskool, also one called Sportskool..cleverly spelled as you can see) I would use it. So I tuned to Lifeskool to see what cardio,dance,yoga, and what not offerings there is. I discovered Kareoke challenge and decided to sing Endless Love first, then went on to look for yoga, which I found. I must say they need like a really basic basic basic yoga cause I just can't do even the basic sucks. Oh well so I did a yoga routine, and then figured I should do some more. So I choose Hip-Hop dance...kinda funny watching three overly hyper blond haired white women doing hip-hop dance, so I stopped it and moved onto Latin Combo Dance, which is "Basic." Again, please explain the steps. I realize I could just stop them and rewind, but that takes too much effort on my part, so I just went with it tried as much as I could and I am sure I looked like a fool...I JUST WANT TO TAPPA TAPPA TAPPA!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

lost in Bronxdale (neighborhood, not village), Nike+, bad arch support

So I did it, I broke down and I bought some Nike + shoes in hopes of tracking all of my running and doing some fancy data comparison charts, blah blah blah, but really the Nike+ website does all this...FABULOUS! So this is my shoe it's blue, and orange, and bright, and I am glad its not white. I am over white running shoes, I feel weird wearing anything white as it is, I don't know why, maybe because I wear white and instantly it attracts dirt, messes, grime, any of the above??? Oh well back to my run, so I went on this run and I had programmed 4 miles into my little I-Pod thing to keep track, and I am starting to realize things in the Bronx are closer then they seem. I mean a place so far away isn't really that far away, there are just a lot of turns, intersections, and when in So I am running, my arches are hurting and I make an eventual turn after I hit the 2/5 up in Bronxdale (so the neighborhood is called) and start back here and realize I have only gone 2.5 miles and need to add some turns or a long straightaway or something. I turn down a street I had seen while making up a g-map run, and see the MetroNorth Tracks but realize...there is no place to go over them, so I keep running, arches hurting, along the tracks, finally I come to the bridge to cross, a van load of children drive by cheering me on, and I see a familiar seen, but have about a mile to go. Oh and if you have not ran with the IPod/Nike+ there is a nice voice that tells you either how far you've gone, or how much you have left. I really like at the end, when she says 400 meters left, 300...200...100...congratulations, you have finished. So I finish my run 4.01 miles and then a mans voice comes on. "Hello, this is Lance Armstrong, that was your best workout yet, keep up the good work." Wow, endorsement money or WHAT?? So this little gadget is pretty cool I must say, and there is a neat training tool online that customizes workouts for different runs, like when I get to my half or full marathon next year...look for the movie.