Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's been a month time to post

SO it's been a month and I guess a lot has happened in that month. The most important thing that has happened I think would be be that SUMMER is now upon us, officially. I like summer for a couple reasons, mostly because everything is so much more happy and cheerful, even when it's not, it is. The colors come out, the water and sky are more blue, the grass is more green, the lightening bugs come out. You know happy things. We play whiffle ball in the park, running takes place after 8:30 (oh I found the joys of running at night.) Everything is just that much better. The other thing I have always looked forward to are the rainy days of summer, not the ones that last days on end like we had earlier this month, or the ones that it might rain it might not rain. I like the days that it is sunny, hot an humid for a few days, and than we get a nice break with a rainy day. These are the days that kind of reset everything until it's sunny out again, like a nice cleanse for the world. That is today and I think I may be the only one who likes this weather. Maybe it is because I don't feel bad about staying in and getting stuff done in my office, like cleaning.

So in the past month it seems like I have been trying new restaurants left and right. I must say these restaurants are a crap shoot (and I only mean this literally for one or two of them.) A friend of mine was in town going to see a show and I thought I would meet her afterwards. We walked around and decided we were all hungry. As you usually do when you are hungry you kind of pick some place random (if you don't know anything around) and hope for the best. Of course we were on 10th ave...and I don't know 10th ave (Hells Kitchen...something like that) and we picked a what restaurant...Ethiopian...yah...it was to say the least interesting. Orion described it after I told him we ate it as "a diaper full of different colored baby poops," yah that just about sums it up. There is no telling the differences (besides color and spicyness) of the plops of "food" and of course the Ethiopian jokes quickly ensued...fabulous.
We also ate at a restaurant in Little Italy...bland. Unless I don't know the different tastes of Italian food...it was bland bland bland...Parmesean, Eggplant and Chicken are three foods that are good...but when combined...bland...not great and well I don't recommend this restaurant.
Besides the sushi place (Yo sushi...I don't know what it is called but I love it) The other new place is this little hole in the wall in the Bronx, in our neighborhood called Go Green. Delicious panini sandwiches, Yuca fries...everything was really good. I am excited there is a good "go to" place in my neighborhood, that isn't a chain. Well I guess that is all, been busy here getting the apartment put together and training for those races...and loosing a little weight (197ish now) so I will post again soon...btw I am still mad about the BMI charts...