Monday, August 17, 2009

Travels...third times a charm, and a run a few weeks after

SO this was the picture from the seat I was sitting watching my first MLB game since either middle school or college (I can't remember if I went while I was living briefly in Boston.) So while I was in Pittsburgh for a conference I was able to get to go see the Pirates loose to the Cardinals with some great people (one being a co-worker.) I was really excited actually because I had been to Pittsburgh twice already and this time I got to explore the city a little more. I mean don't get me wrong I had fun the other two times but one time I was under age (I did get a tattoo that time) and the other time I was there for a wedding which was tons of fun, but there was LOTS of prep work to do. In the end we had so much fun at the wedding. Anyways, so this is a different trip, different sites to see! So this time I got to see a whole other side of Da Pitt! With my co-workers we ate some great unhealthy food. The first place we went was a saloon beer called Fatheads this place was cool, lots of good beer and other drinks and great unhealthy food. I ate a burger with a pirogi on it, seriously?!?! I don't know if I have had something that great in a while. It not only had a pirogi, but it had bacon, cheese, and onions...the best worst thing ever. So Pittsburgh had some bad food but you know what you need that every once in a while. I did counter this delicious culinary concoction with some good grilled fish, and it good...and it was MAKO SHARK. The place was called Monterey Bay Fish Grotto, silly name, but delicious with a delicious view to match it was on the top of Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh. We also went on the incline, which was very cool. Another fun place we went just for drinks was Hofbaurhaus. This place had the big liters of beer and pretzels and skishots and German music and the like, basically it was a fun time had by all. Pittsburgh was fun and I guess the third time was a charm!

The other thing I wanted to post about was my Half Marathon...or SECOND half marathon. The following are the times from my two races.

Providence Cox Sports Half Marathon: 2:44:38 with a pace of about 12:35

New York City Half Marathon: 2:27:09 with a pace of about 11:14

I have said it before I realize I am not a great runner, I am not a fast runner and have only been running more or less for a little under a year. I have done other 5K races but nothing big, a few in Maine and one in NYC. I was happy with the time, and I know I could have done slightly better. I did walk about half of the mile from mile 11 to 12 and it was also in the 80's (at about 6:30 it was 77 degrees with 75% humidity) so you know, my time was a little affected by the heat...I am sure. I right I am looking forward to another half marathon (maybe a cooler one say February??) I am also looking forward to running in the NYC times fun times!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Andy Explains Stuff: Cooking

Here it is folks, an attempt by me to make some kind of 10 min Vlog or something like that. I hope this isn't the last one, well I am working on one about Science...should be fun!