Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 over and out, what did I accomplish this year?

Two years ago I posted 55 things I accomplished. I was aiming for about 30 I think, but you know what I accomplished more! So I figured I would do it again for 2010. You know we are starting a new decade (or not depending on who you ask) and I am now in my 30's. So I was talking to Jeremy about what we accomplished this year is it was a lot! Without further ado, here is the list, lets see if I can make 30!

1. Bought my first house
2. Adopted a very calm, very cute dog
3. Bought a car with Jeremy
4. Changed all the electrical outlets in my house to grounded ones
5. Rejoined a gym and didn't go for 6 months
6. Started going to the gym and haven't stopped since August
7. met new friends
8. Joined a new church
9. Joined a Stitch and Bitch
10. Dropped my cholesterol by more then 100 points
11. Dropped my Triglycerides to the lowest levels ever
12. Bought a second big boy car
13. Started running again
14. Started running in 5 fingers and have fallen in love
15. Dropped over 40 pounds
16. Lost 7 inches on my waist
17. Started the adoption process for a child
18. Attempted a garden with limited results
19. Made a wreath out of a branch from my tree
20. Hosted a beer/wine/cider tasting party
21. Hosted a brunch for new and old friends
22. Was a Vegetarian for 6 months
23. Was a Vegan for 9 weeks
24. Became a presenter at a National Conference
25. Made pickles
26. Made homemade hard cider
27. Got new windows for one floor of my house
28. I started and finished the Edge Revolution
29. Read multiple diet books
30. Went to two museums in NYC I have never been to!

This was a harder exercise than I had expected. I wish I had accomplished more, and I am sure there are some things that I have forgot about, I am looking forward to 2011 and have some things on my plate that I am looking forward to such as more running and losing a little more weight.