Saturday, July 26, 2008

Green Onions and Scallions are the same thing

I think I have been thinking this for a little while now and really just wanted to get it down on paper to see if it actually made sense, and you know what it does. Why do we say green onions and then say scallions and then say, oh well they are the same thing. I think we say this for a lot of things. I think it really has to do with dialect and where you are in the world. I mean my Merere and Mom always said "put scallions in it, or I need scallions..." so one day I set off to the grocery store to get scallions, to my scallions ANYWHERE. I have always wondered about this and then one day watching Racheal Ray or Paula Deen or some Food Tv star's cooking show the recipe called for green onions and the host stated, "Green Onions, Scallions...same thing." For a kid its can be confusing when people call the same thing different names, but I guess that's life and that's why we live in a confusing world, confusing time. I know I am being a little to philosophical with this whole thing, but I think hear this thing over and over just got me to thinking about how the french have one word, for one word, no double meaning words. Oh well what are we gonna do right? So since I usually post a visual picture with my blog I will post two pictures (from a google image search) and one is green onions and one is scallions. Do you know which one is which? See they look the same, can't tell can you? Well apparently the first picture (the one on top are scallions) and the picture below is of green onions...weird I know. Well I know it's not my usual "travel" post or post on my rants on NYC, how bout something different for once...just plain nonsense.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Reasons why I currently dislike NYC...Part 1

Eighth day of Heat...and humidity...and no real end in sight...and I swear like a MO-FO!!

*Thanks to The Weather Channel for this chart*

Thursday, July 10, 2008

witty title for a week in Maine...

SO I really could not think of a good title for this blog post, but oh well here is my post for my week in Maine, which I have needed for a while, it was pretty much a get the heck out of dodge (and by dodge I mean NYC) and get to Maine. Actually let me correct myself it was not just a trip to Maine, we did a whorl-wind tour of New England (only three states and one for a stop at the Liquor Store.) SO here we go our vacation in New England:
Days 1,2,(half of 3) Monson, Mass:
Look I am a little orange person! Anyway there we were for a high school graduation party, which was a lot more fun then more high school graduation party (which I remembered was 10 years ago.) Anyways drinking, debauchery, drunk swimming, etc. Always have fun in Monson, MA. I mean its not the biggest town, but it is fun, just like a little bit of Maine in western mass. Basically that was it, a graduation party and then leave to go to Maine. You know it was fun!

Days (other half of 3-half of 6) Maine (various locales including Ogunquit, Auburn, Lewiston, Buckfield, Rangeley, Madrid (pronounced MAH-drid), Sandy River Plt, Winthrop, Turner, and South Portland): I'm not going to put all those pictures, but this could be a long post, but there will be some pictures of Maine since I took lots.
This first lovely picture is from well the AT, I am impressed that I walked some of it. I would love to hike some more of this awesome trail, it was so neat and I realize it is a long trail and it is a hard (or can be at times,) some day I will hike the whole thing...maybe. Well let's see what is next...
YES this beautiful sunset well, the result of the sun setting behind the mountains. It was so good, and after the sun went down, we saw stars, and we haven't seen many stars since moving to NYC...VERY NICE!! Next I would like to show a picture of a cliff I jumped off, I am in the picture and I suppose this is okay because it's my blog, my pictures (except of course the ones I have used from Google Maps...(thanks)) SO this cliff has waterfalls and you jump from about 15-20 feet into about 50degrees of clear river water. This is probably my favorite place on earth. To go on I would like to next talk about what we did next which was continue on to Lewiston/Auburn. I would like to say that I will be moving back to L/A as the locals call it ASAP. What can I say I like it. Unfortunately I have no pictures from the rest of the trip, oh well. Where to start, okay so I would like to say I went to my old hometown and saw the 4th of July parade...and well it was a small town parade. The Marching Band was in it, the town fire trucks and the my question is what would happen if in the middle of the short one mile parade there was a 911 Emergency in Turner and the Ambulance had to cut the parade short?? Well there was great strawberry shortcake, a nice tour of the Turner History Museum, and that is about it! After a fun childhood friend's family picnic I went to the wonderful L/A Liberty Fest! AND OH WHAT FUN IT WAS. Really it wasn't that bad, for the first time, I only saw one person who I knew! Good fireworks spectacular and I got to chill with my nephews. So now we move to the next part of vacation and the next state.

Day (part of 6): New Hampshire

This is really the only place people go in NH...not really but I am sure they make a butt load of money any given day. If you really can not tell what this picture is of, well it is the NH state liquor store. 10 min (or so) and we were out the door with some cheap liquor (8.99 for a good sized bottle of Jager...delish)

Day (rest of 6 and most of 7): Windsor Locks, CT

KEG PARTY! That is really all I can say about this stop...except this time I found someone (besides the guys who were throwing the party) that I knew. I was EXTREMELY happy that I found someone else that I knew. Well I actually went to bed at like 4:30am maybe later...I don't know the sun was coming up and it was still very humid and sticky.
Well that was our vacation, it was nice to come home to the cats and public transportation, but I am ready to move back to Maine! Hopefully sooner then later.