Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Art of the Reunion

Here it is August 2008 and in my hands I hold the letter I have been waiting for, the letter that says everyone in your past is getting older, and you are too, the letter that says, it's time, it's time to PARTY! Well okay maybe it didn't say that and it was a little more classier, but in words, this one letter told me I was 10 years older, I am almost 30 and yes, there are people you have not seen in 10 years. I am talking of course about the High School 10 Year Reunion. O and I decided we would reenact our journey to Virginia 10 years ago by leaving at 11pm, wow what the hell were we thinking, besides there is NO traffic and some crazy people at the 24 gas stations and Dunkin Donuts and inevitably we met the. So we took a few extra days in Maine, met some people for dinner (Shout out to Beth YAY I Love you and I had fun at Gritty's even though the pretzels were a little tough, we got shoved in the corner, my sandwich was kinda dry, your cornbread kept falling on the ground, and your "HALF" order of mac and cheese was HUGE.) OH and thanks for the Loon Salt and Pepper Shakers Grammy would be happy that someone special got them! Alright BACK to the reunion.
So we checked into the hotel room (the wonderful Auburn Inn and Suites or Fireside Inn or whatever) and found our way to our room, unpacked...and rested until 3pm. Then the mayhem ensued (I wish.) We just watched 3 drinking filled episodes of Three Sheets thanks for wireless internet and Hulu while drinking delicious Surfers on Acid. I also added a Jager Bomb, and a small amount of Highland Park 12 year Whiskey to my count. Then decided it was time to get ready to go. We checked ourselves in the mirror and made our way down to the Androscoggin Room, and we were promptly greeted with smiling faces by our class officers Karly, Will and Jenny. All looking pretty much the same but with the usual 10 year differences. We received our name tags, which of course brought back memories of the day I had to get my senior pictures and thought, man I miss my hair. Well we grabbed a seat and headed for the bar. Always feeling a small amount of pressure in these situation never knowing what I want to drink for the rest of the night I just kind of blurted out a drink...Jack and Coke...and then I thought to myself, really Jack and Coke? When do I drink Jack and Coke??? NEVER, oh well it was delicious and I took my drink and went out into the room to start chatting. The day before I had visited Will at his new coffee shop but decided to chat with him and Jenny some more. In high school I always thought of myself as that one guys who goes between groups, never a jock and always a Band-o I was always labeled a Band-Geek FINE, but I still had friends among the jocks and the smarter kids. So in comes the freakishly religious guy Josh, and Lauren and her husband, and Kelly and Katie (Band buddies for me), the always awkward Scott, Mike the kid I knew since Pre-school who was now a smooth talking Business man, and a barrage of other people whom I really don't want to name. So the night goes on, dinner is served, the usual horrible American Wilted Salad, some sad excuse for Chicken Marsala (really white sauce on and then the sad dry chocolate cake with hersey syrup. Well I am glad I only paid 20 bucks for the whole thing. The night goes on, chatty chatty, drinky drinky. I must mention I did loan my room key out to one of my former classmates (Jenny) who had recently given birth and needed to pump, but when I turned around to tell O, he was gone, I figured, oh well, he'll figure it out, and he did. So some horrible lemon drop shots later, I figured it was time. TIME TO SWIM! I invited anyone who wanted to jump the fence to jump in the pool...of course no one did and I am the ass who apparently "Won the competition" didn't know there was one, but oh well here I am in the pool.
Low and behold it was a pretty darn fun time, talked with people I hadn't talked to (nor would have) in a while, and just had fun. OH and we stole the cheese tray! SO MUCH CHEESE!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

trip to the end

So yesterday we had planned a trip out to Long Island, we were just going to go to Mineola to get a tuba case because mine decided to crap the bed, well the handle fell off and the cats have been using it as a scratching post. So anyways, we were going to go to the beach but instead took a detour to go to Ikea to get a few items. After stopping at Ikea and going crazy as usual because of the millions of children that are usually running around out of control, we left, and drove to Montauk, seriously, we drove to the edn of Long Island. I was very happy with this drive, I wish we had stopped somewhere in the Hamptons and MAYBE, just maybe, we could have spotted a celeb, oh well, no Ina Gartner, no Alec Baldwin, and NO Barbara Walters. The best thing was we literally at the end of Long Island, and it was dark and we sat on the smelly rocky beach and watched the foglight drank an adult beverage on a log, watched the fishermen fish and then sat on a swing and swung ourselves ready to leave. We drove back through the Hamptons, and then came home. All and all it was a nice spontaneous trip and we will be back.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

...this book i'm reading

While on our travels through Germany (sounds better then "when I was in Germany...") anyways, my brother-in-law was telling me about Munster and how it was in this book called Salt: A World History, so I was intrigued by this. I went in search of this book and found it. I was actually very happy because I haven't read a good book in a while. The last book I read was about World War 2 and I had found it at the Forth of July book sale at the Turner Public Library. It took me all of one day to read and it read like one of my undergraduate history class textbooks, which I am sure it was at one point. Anyways this book about Salt, you wouldn't think it would be very good, well unless you like historical non-fiction, or are interested in semi-obscure non-fiction as I am, but really its great subway reading. I am really interested in reading this guys next book, or other book, Cod.